The term “Hapkido” translates to “the way or the art of coordinated power.”  Hapkido is an art that originated in Korea, and it includes both hard and soft techniques, as well as kicks, strikes, joints locks, throws, and weapons.

Hapkido teaches the use of your opponent’s strength and size to your advantage.  You don’t have to be defenseless against a larger or stronger attacker.  You can learn to channel your opponents’ force and use it against them.

Hapkido teaches circular movement—the body’s natural motion—which allows you to move without the threat of injury or loss of energy.  Its movements are naturally
simple and easy to use, which makes it practical for use in real life self-defense.

There are additional benefits to training in the martial
arts; physical fitness, mental health, improved coordination and increased confidence.  No matter how young or old you are, you will learn that martial arts training will benefit your overall well-being.