Nikki Dowling    

Grandmaster Jang and Master Russom invest fully in your success in martial arts. They are patient and kind, and you do not feel any judgement from your peers as you learn new techniques. This is a safe space to learn, a clean space to learn, and an enriching place to learn. Everyone is welcome, but actually made to FEEL welcome. I would recommend this environment to anyone with the full confidence that they will be walking into a place they can truly be a part of. Coming here to learn martial arts has changed my life in helping me feel more outgoing and brave, while also helping me feel more connected and mindful. On a final note, their pricing is fair and offers the best value of any other place in the area. I think you can tell that I cannot say enough good about Jang's Yong in Martial Arts!

Leah T    

My son absolutely loves his classes and his teachers. It has helped his focus and self-confidence tremendously. He loves it so much he asked me to take classes too so he can help me learn! (and of course I did - and love it just as much as he does!)

Tirrell J. Paxton   

I absolutely love the people, facilities, and training program. I've been a student at Jang's Yong In Martial Arts for almost 5 years, but it feels like I just arrived due to the continued excitement and interest. The Masters really get to know each student. They make us feel at home. They care about our growth and safety. I've been able to realize numerous lifelong dreams and personal goals there, including enrolling my daughter in the kid's program. Come visit, everyone is welcome here!

Laurence Lurio   

Master Jang has an incredible depth of knowledge of the art of Hop Ki Do.

Franki Dolley    

Jang's Yong In Martial Arts is like a family. Everyone is dedicated in helping each other learn and grow, which makes it so much easier to advance. The masters are extremely dedicated in your success. I highly recommend this school for anyone at any level. It's such a warm and welcoming environment!

J. Enrique Horna    

I've been with Grand Master Jang for over 3 years now, starting as a White belt and continuing my Martial Arts education as a 1st degree Black belt, I love and admire their discipline and passion to pass on their knowledge in the Korean art of self defense HAPKIDO and their friendly and respectful attitude towards everyone that has made us feel like a part of a family instead of only a group of students.


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